" To improve you must to change, but not any kind of change means improvement "
Gelu : Directeur usine / Operations Manager
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Interim Plant Manager having over 15 years experience in automotive industry, Dynamic team leder in implementation and execution of operational excellence, involving people, enabling growth and enhancing client experience


Cluj Npoca

Directeur usine / Operations Manager Gelu

Expériences professionnelles


DANA - (BE ) - Brugge, Belgique
Interim Plant Manager

Nov 2018 - Fév 2019

Automotive tier 1 supplier of powershift transmission, 550 employees)

Objective :

  • stabilize plant operations and improvement operational site activities until new Plant Manager appointment.

ECKERLE Automotive - (D) - Cluj, Roumanie
Interim Operations/Consultant

Juil 2018 - Sep 2018

(automotive tier 2 supplier of DC motors parts, TO €~40mil ,1300 employees)

Objective :

  • start-up and development of improvement projects at plant production lines,

VOESTALPINE RO - Arad, Roumanie
Interim Plant Manager

Sep 2017 - Nov 2017

Voestalpine Group (AT)

(Automotive tier 1 supplier of metal stamping/welding parts TO €~33mil , 250 employees)

Reporting to group CEO and COO (D), led 7 subordinates

Objectives :

  • stabilize operations, identify causes for current problems and implement corrective actions
  • implement improvement plans for operational and financial KPI's, until new GM appointment.

Responsibilities :

  • presented to CEO and COO current status and implemented operational plan to improve situation; switch activity from constant fire-fighting to a planned work with 1 week in advance; implemented complete processes in SAP ;
  • turn-around supply-chain activity in order to sustain production ;
  • implemented reverse engineering for stamp maintenance ;
  • implemented action plan to get Mercedes audit certification.

Key achievements :

  • get certification to VDA 6.3 audit with B84 vs B82 a year before
  • get Mercedes and BMW audit certification's
  • increased sales in October by 12% vs September, profitability improved by 250k€ in October
  • reduced stamp maintenance time with 2 weeks

ZF/TRW (DE) - Italy
Interim Operations Manager / Consultant

Août 2017 - Oct 2017

World-wide automotive group - tier 1 supplier - casting

Reporting to VP division, led 3 managers

Objective :

  • to align activity of Italian casting supplier at customer demands, to increase OTD.

Responsibilities :

  • improved daily basis supplier activity in order to sustain ZF/TRW demands ;
  • production report on daily/weekly basis ;
  • build and implemented action plan to reduce casting stoppages and micro-stoppages ;
  • worked with ZF/TRW colleagues to reduce die exchange time ;
  • during audits, sustained supplier in front of VW as final client ;
  • reviewed and reinforced lean in production.

Key achievements :

  • increased casting production volume by 80%

MECANOR Rumania - Oradea, Roumanie
Interim Plant Manager (project based)

Juil 2016 - Oct 2016

Bravo Group (ESP)

(Automotive tier 1 and tier 2 supplier of Al casting & CNC precision and critical parts, TO €~6mil , 85 employees)

Reporting to shareholders and board (ESP+FR+POR) of the group, led 7 subordinates

Objectives :

  • eliminate delivery concession, obtaining Bosch Audit process release, raise OTD from 85%
  • reduce customer complaints at max. 1/month from initial 30 complaints in 6 months

Responsibilities :

  • Build and implement of strategic plan as well 5S, start-up tool life management, PDCA way, review TPM ;
  • implement lean manufacturing practices, pro-activity meetings, production planning, departments report, logistics inventory, maintenance daily reports ;
  • implement visual management all over the plant, one-piece-flow ;
  • reinforce ISO TS standards ;
  • support sales corporate in finding new clients.

Key Achievements :

  • Succeeded to achieve Yellow result from Bosch Audit process release with 2 minor non-conformities by strategic plan achievement.
  • Reduced complaints to 1 in 4 months vs previous 30, raised OTD from 85 % to 96 % by lean techniques

GDP (CZ) - Bistrița, Roumanie
Plant Manager

Sep 2008 - Avr 2016

(automotive tier 1 manufacturer of plastic / metal stamping parts, TO €4mil, 155 employees)

Reporting to shareholders (Cz+D), led 6 subordinates

Responsibilities :

  • Plan, define and implement short / long term department's goals and strategic direction in a brown field investment, using efficient all resources ;
  • review performance of each machine, implement TPM from scratch and increased net availability time ;
  • increase productivity lines by introducing continuous improvement programs to every process and implementing problem solving tools ;
  • coordinate and implement lean, manage engineering projects.

Key achievements :

  • Reduced SMED for mould exchange with 65% in 2010
  • Reduced cycle time with 9% in 2012 by improving metal press operating procedures.
  • Reduced scrap from 9,8 % for 3 high runners in 2013 to 4 %
  • Increased manufacturing productivity with 12,5 % in 4 years

ARPLAMA (BE + D) - Brașov, Roumanie
General Manager

Nov 2006 - Juil 2008

(tier 1/tier 2 in automotive– plastic parts, TO €5mil, 220 employees)

Reporting to CEO and shareholders (BE+D), led 5 managers

Responsibilities :

  • Redesign and develop manufacturing, operations to encompass all necessary functions and align activities with ISO and HSE standards ;
  • initiate sales on Romanian market; Ishikawa diagram ;
  • plan and implement investments in production area : cutting and drilling CNC robot as well training courses abroad for engineers/employees to work with CNC robot; renegotiate company contracts with suppliers as well for utilities ;
  • reduce manufacturing operating cost by introducing lean tools, standard work, TPM, 5S ;
  • begin marketing campaign, affiliate company at AHK German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce; represent company in front of local authorities, unions negotiations.

Main projects/key achievements :

  • Cabin covers/bumpers for MAN/Iveco, water tanks Rosenbauer, engine covers for Case New Holland
  • Saved 17% of raw material costs in 2007 through implementation of the ERP, lean tools, BOM review
  • Implemented € ~1mil new investment to eliminate cutting/drilling rejects in production areas
  • Reorganized production flows with effect in reducing labor costs with 14 % in 1 year

General Manager

Juil 2004 - Nov 2006

(automotive tier 1- seat belts, safety device, TO €45mil, 450 employees)

Reporting to Plant Manager (IT) and to the President of Division (UK), led 6 direct and 380 operators

Responsibilities :

  • Build transfer plan together with USA Project Manager ;
  • relocate manufacturing operations from 2 manufacturing sites : UK and Italy in terms of 72 production lines ;
  • start-up production activity in a new green-field plant and transfer production lines for 6 months ;
  • implement lean manufacturing, Kan-Ban production methodology tools.

Main projects/key achievements :

  • Successful ramp-up production in new plant, improved productivity with 15% from July 2005 to end of 2006, reduced complaints from 7ppm in 2004 to 2 ppm in 2005
  • Raised (OTD) rates at 98% in 2005 for all clients: VW, Audi, Mercedes, Jaguar, Range Rover, Lancia, Fiat

Engineer, Production Team Leader

Mars 2000 - Juin 2004

(supplier of electronics instruments & sensors, TO € 10mil,300 employees)

Reporting to Plant Manager, led 35 operators

Responsibilities :

  • repair old instruments, build testing jigs ;
  • improve quality of plastic housing units ;
  • transferred production line from IT/PT to RO ;
  • implementation of new R&D projects ;
  • reduce costs in production line by 5%.
  • Reduced test procedure time with 12% for 98XX SMT family in 6 months - focusing on key calibration points

Electronics technician - Roumanie

Mai 1994 - Mars 2000

Pioneer branch in Romania

Responsible for service at electronic home appliance like : TV, VCR, Audio sound systems, Blue ray DVD



1997     University - Electronics



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Italien : Courant

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