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Dany : Lean Manufacturing , Supply Chain and Quality
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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Expert in Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management, I have spent my professional career in a multinational Automotive and Aerospace group in operational positions (Quality Director, Production Director, Supply Chain Director, Industrial Director and Operational Excellence Director).
My experience is international in nature, as I have worked in several countries: Italy, France, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and North Africa.
The ability to adapt quickly to different cultural situations and a knowledge of 6 languages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Arabic complete my profile. 


53 ans


Lean Manufacturing , Supply Chain and Quality Dany

Expériences professionnelles


Operational Excellence Director

Jan 2014 - aujourd'hui


  • Create company standards in line with World Class Manufacturing with special focus on manufacturing and supply chain processes
  • Create training modules for better understanding of standards
  • Train BU’s managers and trainers in company’s standards
  • Conduct workshops on specific topics according to the needs of the Bus
  • Check manufacturing KPIs (OTD, PPM, Lead Time, Inventory Level) and perform gap analysis against targets
  • Analyze the sources of discrepancies in the company's income statement and support BU’s to restore margin by leading specific “Deep Dive workshops” with special expertise on Manufacturing, Supply chain and Purchasing functions
  • Support the construction of BU’s Hoshin Kanri and ensure alignment with the company's objectives
  • Support Lean Six Sigma projects to be finalized in time
  • Support Black Belt training sections in Europe and US / Mexico

Senior Consultant in Lean Manufacturing and Supply chain Mngt

Jan 2012 - Jan 2014


  • Support companies to solve manufacturing problems such as:
    • Increase production capacity by deploying lean tools (VSM, Line balance and Continuous flow, Kanban, etc.)
    • Increase manufacturing flexibility by reducing Lead Time and equipment set-up time (SMED, TPM, OEE)
    • Improve on time delivery by optimizing planning and logistics processes (Deploying S&OP, MPS routines)
    • Improve Quality Performance by Deploying QRQC and Problem Solving Tools and DMAIC approach

THE DENSO GROUP - Tangiers, Morocco
Managing Director

Jan 2009 - Jan 2012

Denso is a multinational company in the Toyota Group, with over 120.000 employees and factories in 5 continents, it specializes in the manufacture of components for the automotive sector. Was employed in the air conditioning division of the company.


Managing Director of a new factory in Tangiers, Morocco (with a staff of 250).

Activities performed:

  • Establishing the company and handling bureaucratic matters with local institutions
  • Construction of the factory from the ground up
  • Supervision/coordination of the construction of the machinery to be installed in the factory
  • Recruitment, hiring, induction and training of local personnel
  • Supervision/coordination of the project design phase of the new product intended for Morocco
  • Ensuring that the complete industrial project was finished within the time frames and cost specifications contained in the business plan

Results obtained:

  • The company was founded within the established time frame: 12 months from the date when work began (April 2010 to April 2011).
  • 100% local personnel, 90% of whom were recent college graduates appropriately trained by Denso in Italy
  • 11 audits by Renault (a customer) were successfully passed, and ISO/TS certification was awarded

Quality and R&D Director

Jan 2008 - Jan 2009


Factory in Vigo, Spain (with a staff of 350).

The company was faced with a quality emergency with the PSA Group, one of its customers. Was assigned to correct the situation, as the head of Quality and the Technical Office at the site, and to recruit local personnel to take over after assignment was completed.

Results obtained:

  • The quality emergency with the PSA Group was rectified in only three months.
  • The quality goal in terms of defects at 0 Km < 50 ppm was reached in only 6 months of managerial control.
  • Local personnel selected internally from company staff assumed control upon completion of assignment.

THE DENSO GROUP - Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Supply chain and Industrial Director

Jan 2005 - Jan 2008

Factory in Belo Horizonte (with a staff of 650).


Assigned to manage the factory and increase production capacity, reduce losses, and optimize internal production flows.
Directly handled matters associated with production, planning, logistics, manufacturing engineering, maintenance, quality and purchasing.

Results obtained:

  • Reductions in overtime, increases in production capacity, and reductions in losses and rejects.
  • Creation of a pilot department for supervising start-ups and optimizing production processes before release for production, and for acting as a training center for new personnel which would minimize quality problems directly associated with the workforce.

THE DENSO GROUP - Belo Horizonte, Brasil
Quality and R&D Director

Jan 2003 - Jan 2005


The goals of this assignment were to improve the quality performance of the facility, create an R&D department that would enable Denso Brazil to develop and industrialize new products independently, and provide good technical support for FIASA, a customer that was equipping itself for local development.

Results obtained:

  • The factory won 5 consecutive annual "Qualitas" awards from FIASA (Fiat Brazil).
  • An R&D department that could develop and industrialize A/C units locally was created from scratch.

THE DENSO GROUP - Turin, Italie
Quality Manager

Jan 1999 - Jan 2003


Quality Manager at the Turin factory (with a staff of 1000).

The main goals were to bring the quality performance of the facility up to Japanese standards with regard to defects at 0 Km, drastically reduce rejects, and improve the performance of suppliers in meeting established quality goals.

Results obtained:

  • Levels of defects at 0 Km of approx. 100 ppm were reached, starting from a situation with averages of around 300.000 ppm.
  • Rejects were reduced to less than 1%, starting from an average of 15%.
  • The factory won a "Qualitas" award from Fiat Auto for the first time.

Quality Manager

Jan 1995 - Jan 1999

A joint venture between MM and Denso.

Quality Manager at the Cordoba factory (with a staff of 80).

Main tasks included start-ups of production departments and implementation of a quality system.

Results obtained:

  • Production was started up with no particular problem.
  • Certifications with zero non-compliance were obtained without the support of outside consultants, and the "Gold" award for the best supplier in South America was received from Toyota.

Industrial Project Leader

Jan 1992 - Jan 1995

Duties included supplying methodological and IT support for developing a variety of industrial projects, with particular emphasis on a project implemented in Argentina.



1992     Politecnique de Turin - ingénieur aéronautique



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