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Giovanni : Directeur industriel, engineering, innovation
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49 ans


Directeur industriel, engineering, innovation Giovanni

Expériences professionnelles


Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition - Paris, Shanghai, Lisbon

Jan 2014 - aujourd'hui

Strategy and innovation consulting, M&A and temporary project management within my company Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition – missions for the pharmaceutical, biotech, aerospace, automotive, energy, environment and chemical industries

An array of consulting lines :

  • Due diligences - vendor, buyer, post-merger integration - and strategy consulting for private equity funds and mid cap companies (often in partnership with Axeans)
  • Intermediation of Europe-Asia cross-border M&A (partnership with CDI Global until 2017).
  • Investments, innovation, re-engineering and supply chains optimization.
  • As entrepreneur, developed the web-app isbooth.com (PHP, javascript, html5, MySQL)

Selected missions in Europe (and in China for European customers) :

  • Industrialization road map for a highly innovative energy storage technology
  • Project manager: design of a large-scale industrial plant to produce microalgae and extract phycocyanin
  • For a waste to energy operator, technical coordination of projects in Europe and in the Caribbean islands
  • For a leading APIs manufacturing, M&A strategy and origination for their setup of a footprint in China
  • For a leading producer of amino-acids, M&A strategy for the aqua-feed additive business
  • For an HDPE packaging producer, due diligence of their procurement strategy (petrochemicals).
  • For a petroleum offshore maintenance operator, advanced study on an unmanned sea vehicle
  • For a French spirulina producer, assistance to fund raising and due diligence
  • 5 due diligence for Asian investors in search of distressed acquisition targets in Europe.
  • For an aerospace tier 2 supplier, in a process of build up, due diligence of two French acquisitions.
  • Evaluation for buy out, of a fluid-dynamic engineering company, in the nuclear, energy and defense markets.

Selected missions in South-East Asia :

  • For a German Tier 1 Automotive supplier, evaluation of facilities setup options in Indonesia and in Thailand.
  • For an Indonesian coal producer, valorization of low grade coal through ammonia production.
  • For a leading Indonesian industrial gas producer, exploration of acquisition targets in South-East Asia.
  • For a leading Thai producer of printed circuit boards (PCBs), audit of their planning system - For a Singaporean investor, business plan of a data-center cooling station, including a 45MW gas turbine.
  • For a French equipment maker, evaluation of opportunities to build small hydropower plants in Indonesia

Selected "white papers" strategic analysis :

  • Green chemistry industry: APIs, nutraceuticals, biomaterials, biosurfactants and biofuels
  • Aerospace industry: globalization and concentration trends across the value chain
  • Several presentations about doing business in China

Société de Conseil et de Management de Transition - Singapour
Founder and CEO

Jan 2009 - Déc 2013

Designed and built an innovative facility for the production of micro-algae offshore and for their conversion to nutraceuticals, biofuels and vegetal proteins

Cultivation and biorefining of micro-algae offshore to produce oleochemicals and proteins. Raised 5m$, employed up to 12 people.

  • Defined the business model and the innovative manufacturing process.
  • Key involved technologies: microbiology, floating photo-bioreactors (PVC/PE/PU), harvesting and biorefining, ultrasonic chemistry, marine geothermal power (OTEC), electrolytic ammonia and marine engineering.
  • Established industrial partnerships in Europe with DCNS, VSL (Bouygues Offshore), Roquette, Hielscher, GEA and scientific partnerships with universities (NTU and NUS in Singapore and Queensland in Brisbane).
  • Built a 400m2 floating pilot plant, with 4 photo-bioreactors of 120m2 each, offshore Singapore; explored potential locations and partnership for the industrial phase in Brunei, Indonesia and China.
  • At the end of the project, converted the facilities to fish farming and sold the company.

Winoa Steel Abrasives
VP Innovation and Business Development

Jan 2005 - Jan 2009

VP Innovation and Business Development, investor in the LBO - managed teams in Europe, Brazil, Canada and Japan – designed and built an innovative steel atomization plant in the Czech Republic and opened several new applications and business lines

World leader of steel abrasives: 400 mEur sales, 13 steel mills.

Investor in the LBO of the company - called Wheelabrator Allevard at the time - was member of the Direction Committee. Managed teams in France, Czech Rep., Japan, Canada and Brazil.

  • Invented a unique steel atomizing process, for high-end customized alloys, and built an innovative 1MW lean steel mill in the Czech Rep.
  • Developed new applications and sales in the mining, construction, chemicals, aerospace and defense industries: (i) special alloys steel shots for steel rolls (Aker), (ii) large diameter grinding shots for mining operations (Codelco), (iii) ultra pure iron shots for chemical applications (Lanxess), (iv) advanced shot peening for the aerospace industry, (v) stainless steel shots for shipbuilding applications (Keppel).
  • Defined the acquisitions and diversification plan of the company, and realized the spin off of a subsidiary.

Thomson Multimedia
Operations Director

Jan 2003 - Jan 2005

Operations Director for the glass and electronic components divisions, with 8 plants in my scope in Europe and North America – managed the turnaround and divestment of 2 major plants in France and Italy – also temporary CFO for the glass division for 12 months

Director of operations for the two divisions Glass and Electronic Components (TCO)

In my scope: 3 glass plants and 5 electronic facilities across France, Poland, US and Mexico, with a total 6,000 employees and more than 600 mEur sales - in 2005 was also interim CFO for the glass division.

  • Converted and divested two manufacturing plants to prevent their shut down:
    • An Italian CRT (Cathodic Ray Tubes) plant with 2,500 employees, converted to air conditioning and plasma displays business, sold to an Indian major: 1,500 jobs saved, ~200mEur budget.
    • A French television Glass plant with 500 employees, converted to automotive glass specialties for buses and trucks, sold to a Spanish investor: 350 jobs saved, ~100mEur budget.
    • The scope of these projects extended over the full conversion and divestment process: origination, business case, investor search, negotiation and deal, social management, phase out of the equipment and supply chain, and re-construction of the plants.
  • Managed the cost killing plans and converted to lean manufacturing most of the European plants.
  • Supervised the downsizing first, and then the shut down, of a glass plant in Ohio with 1,000 employees.
  • Designed the business plan - including two acquisitions - for Thomson to capture a leading position in the photovoltaic cells industry, with an investment plan of ~100mEur.

Arthur D.Little
Strategy Consulting Manager

Jan 2000 - Jan 2003

With missions of innovation, industrial rationalization and restructuring, due diligence in the automotive, metals and aerospace industries

Practice Automotive and Operations Management

  • For a producer of steel, aluminum and titanium alloys in the energy and aerospace industries, re-engineered the supply chain and the layouts of 7 facilities in France, leading to over 25% working capital reduction.
  • As transition manager (one year), restructured the industrial operations and returned to profitability a mid cap producer of special copper alloys for the marine, aerospace and automotive industry.
  • Conducted several due diligences, in the energy, electronics, automotive and construction industries
  • Assisted a leading truck manufacturer (EU and US) to define their innovation strategy in electronics.

Valeo Friction Materials
– Project / Program, Engineering then Marketing Manager

Jan 1995 - Jan 2000

Program manager, chemical engineering manager, then marketing manager – developed a disruptive process for the production of clutch facings, built 2 greenfield facilities in India and Brazil and converted 3 existing ones in France, Spain and Mexico to the new technology

6 plants, world leader of clutch facings (now part of Valeo Powertrain group).

Evolved inside the company from project /program manager (1995-1996), to chemical engineering manager in charge of global industrial projects (1997-1998) and finally to marketing manager for the branch (1999).

  • Invented, industrialized and deployed worldwide a disruptive process for the production of clutch facings, and a new products range thereof: designed for just in time manufacturing from the beginning, the new process reduced the break even point of the business by two and the lead time by ten times.
  • Based on the new process, launched seven production lines in less than three years: converted (partially) three existing plants in France, Spain and Mexico, and launched two green-field plants in India and Brazil.
  • Managed the sales development of the new products across all carmakers in the world: when I left in 1999, 25% of the company sales had migrated to my new product line, and Valeo achieved 100% around 2005.
  • Promoted to marketing manager for the branch, I supervised the business development of air filters and synchronizer rings, in addition to clutch facings.



1994     Ecole Centrale Paris - Ingenieur des arts et manufactures

1995     Politecnico Torino - Dottore in ingegneria chimica e scienza dei materiali

2010     Chicago University - MBA Chicago Booth



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